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Business & Corporate Maintenance & Repairs

Whether your business enterprise runs across several servers with a vast network of 200+ workstations or a single PC is all you need to keep trading, Corlit Systems will keep your business online and productive.

Onsite Rapid Response will keep you moving if your business has had a critical failure. We understand that many businesses absolutely depend on their IT infrastructure. No IT interface to the virtual and real worlds often means no cash flow. With this in mind Corlit Systems ensure Rapid Response to any failure that causes major interuption to your business.

Scheduled Maintenance is just as vital for your IT infrastructure as it is for your vehicle fleet. Regular maintenance can and will reduce unexpected outages on vital systems. Keeping your servers, workstations and pcs in tip top condition is the key to worry free data management. Often just day to day operations are enough to cause lag in your systems, but many other threats impact on reliable operation. These include viruses, hacking, adware, spyware, failure to backup, low integrity backups, hardware failures, data loss due to non centralisation and much more. Scheduled maintenance will monitor your systems and correct many of these issues before they can impact on business productivity.

Network Administration is the IT art of securing your network from both internal and external threats, while still giving access to those people who need it. Some business operators desire a full lock down of their network, whilst others prefer a more relaxed approach. No matter how you prefer to operate your security and user priviledges, Corlit Systems can support your business both onsite and remotely.

Remote Administration is a very popular method of performing many Network Administration tasks without the need for IT support to be onsite at your business. With remote administration configured, Corlit Systems as your Network Administrators, can connect to your servers and workstations as required to give your business immediate real time support. Many scheduled maintenance tasks can be performed remotely and outside of trading hours. This reduces productivity lags and IT support costs for your business. Remote Administration is a key variable which all businesses that depend on their IT infrastructure should incorporate to assure reduced unscheduled outages.

Remote Access is the ability to access your IT resources when you're away from the office. Whether you're down the street or on the other side of the world, Corlit Systems can configure a Remote Access solution for you to provide vital real time access to your IT resources, while still ensuring security of your data.