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Cloud services are here to stay as the perfect way to backup all your precious family photos, documents and business data. Packages are available to home and business users that start at no charge for up to 10 gigabytes of storage. With your free 10 gigabytes, you can automatically set your PC or Mac to transfer all those important documents to your cloud space without giving it a thought. As you add new photos, documents and data to your PC, they'll be automatically transferred to your cloud space and safely backed up.

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Corlit Home Cloud is perfect for the home user with no on going charges for your 10GB cloud. For those people who need a bigger cloud, our packages won't break the budget to keep all those precious photos and documents safe. If you have already received your Corlit Cloud Services Username & Password you can login directly to Corlit Cloud Services at cloud.corlit.com or Setup Automatic Upload using the OwnCloud software.

10GB Cloud - FREE
20GB Cloud - $1.95 per month
30GB Cloud - $3.45 per month
50GB Cloud - $4.45 per month

Corlit Business Cloud   >>REGISTER/SETUP NOW<<

Corlit Business Cloud is the realtime online backup solution that gives peace of mind for your business records and data. No need to manually run backups or change Hard Drives & Tapes. No need to burn DVD media. No need to take your backups offsite to keep your data safe from fire and theft. All data Cloud backup services are automated and can be viewed and verified online through any web browser.

100GB Cloud - $5.50 per month
200GB Cloud - $11.00 per month
500GB Cloud - $27.50 per month
1TB Cloud - $55.00 per month

Setup Instructions for OwnCloud Automatic Upload

Once you have registered for Corlit Cloud Services, you can login directly to Corlit Cloud Services to Upload and Download your important photos, documents and files at cloud.corlit.com.

Automatic uploading (or Syncronizing) of your Photos, Documents and data can be setup by following the OwnCload setup instructions for Corlit Cloud Services.

Setup Instructions for OwnCloud

Use of Corlit Cloud Services requires a functional internet connection paid for at the expense of the user. Uploading, downloading and syncronising user data will incur additional data traffic on the users internet connection. The user should regularly check their internet traffic usage with their internet service provider to ensure their usage is not exceeding their existing usage plan. Provision of free data storage on Corlit Cloud Services does not negate the users responsibility to ensure the user is maintaing data usage within the boundaries of their internet plan with their internet service provider, nor does provision of free data storage with Corlit Cloud Services incur any liability upon Corlit Systems to pay the users plan charges or data charges with their internet service provider.