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Consumer & Home User Repairs

Home Users have access to our wealth of experience and ample workshop resources. If your PC is running poorly or not running at all, drop it in today for a quick assessment and fast turn around to keep you up and running.

Operating System corruption and Hardware failure are the two key issues which face most home users when a PC is misbehaving. With so much malware, adware, spyware and viruses on the internet, many users fall victim to deliberately damaging software masquerading as legitimate software. Often once these incidious pieces of software infect your machine, the only thorough solution is to reload your operating system. This best practice is the only way to be sure that all remnants of damaging software are removed from your machine. Prior to a reinstall of an operating system, Corlit Systems perform a complete backup of your hard drive to ensure no data loss. Prior to commencing any reinstall of your operating system, Corlit Systems will inspect key elements of your computers hardware to ensure a valid and stable reload.

Internet access these days has become just as vital as the telephone. Often you don't realise how much you and your family depend on your PCs day to day until they go down. At Corlit Systems we understand that matters such as online banking, school research, or even social networks have become an integral part of our lives and your family needs a sick computer up and running as fast as possible.

Internet sharing is a specialty of Corlit Systems. We can turn a single internet connection into access for as many home based PCs as you require. With most members of families needing internet access in one form or another, demand for access to a single internet connection will nearly always outstrip the available time of a single PC. Contact Corlit Systems to discuss the available options for sharing your internet connection. Whether your household uses ADSL, Cable, Wireless GSM or some other method to hook to the world wide web, Corlit Systems have a method for sharing your connection.

Wireless connections for many Laptop and Desktop machines have become increasingly popular over the last several years and with good reason. A well configured wireless connection can give your home PCs incredible flexibility while still maintaining security. Along with the flexibility of wireless, numerous laptops and desktop machines can wirelessly share internet connection, printers, files and more. No matter which operating system your computers are using nor what age they may be, Corlit Systems can provide a wireless solution for your PCs. If you already have wireless connection setup, Corlit Systems can ensure it is configured securely to protect you against proximity hacking.