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Scheduled Maintenance and Support Services

Contracted Maintenance and Support plans are available either as a preset monthly contract with various options of reduced rate pre-purchased support, or as a custom designed plan to suit your business needs. For rates on pre-purchased support and scheduled maintenance, please refer to the below listed table for the discounted included hours and the discounted excess hours. For pre-purchased hours and scheduled maintenance contracts, included hours are billed at no charge for the month, whilst the total hours used remains below the pre-purchased hours and shifts to the discounted excess rate once the pre-purchased hours have been exceeded.

Telephone Support is included with all contracted maintenance plans. Simply call through and where ever possible we seek to solve your issue immediately via phone support diagnosis.

Included Hours Onsite Support is needed when the issue with one of your workstations or servers can not be resolved via telephone or remote access support. Hours for onsite work are included as a component of the contracted schedule.

Scheduled Maintenance is a vital component of all healthy network operations. Reduce your down time, outages and productivity losses through keeping your workstations and server operations in peak condition. We recommend that all contracted plans should include a 25%-40% component of scheduled maintenance to ensure peak performance of your IT infrastructure.

Rates for Business Support, Onsite Support, Telephone Support & Scheduled Maintenance

Contracted Rates (monthly purchase in advance)

Hours Rate Excess
5 hours $77.00inc GST p/h $99.00inc GST p/h
10 hours $71.50inc GST p/h $93.50inc GST p/h
20 hours $66.00inc GST p/h $88.00inc GST p/h
40 hours $60.50inc GST p/h $82.50inc GST p/h

Casual Rate
$110.00 per hour including GST