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Setup OwnCloud 1.0.3 for Corlit Cloud Services

Before attempting to setup OwnCloud for Corlit Cloud Services, you will need to have registered for Corlit Cloud Services and have received your Corlit Cloud Services Username & Password via email. You will also need to be connected to the internet to allow the OwnCloud software to connect to the Corlit Cloud Services Server.

1. Firstly Download OwnCloud Installer for your operating system.

2. Start the Installer and click the 'Next Button'.

3. Maintain the default settings at the Choose Components screen unless you specifically need modified settings. Click the 'Next Button'.

4. Accept the Install Location unless you specifically need a modified installation location. Depending on your Operating System, the default Installation Location will vary on this screen. The location shown in the screenshot is typical for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32 bit installations. Click the 'Install Button'.

5. Allow the installer to run through the installation process.

6. The installer will complete the installation. Click the 'Next Button'.

7. Owncloud Software Installation is now complete. Click the 'Finish Button'.

8. The OwnCloud software will advise you that a connection to the Corlit Cloud server has not yet been configured. Dismiss the advice by clicking the 'OK Button'.

9. Locate the OwnCloud icon in the system tray. Right click on the OwnCloud Icon and select 'Configure...' from the popup menu.

10. Enter the OwnCloud-URL as 'http://cloud.corlit.com:8090' to connect to the Corlit Cloud Services Server, then click the 'Next Button'.

11. On the OwnCloud Credentials page, enter the Corlit Cloud Services Username & Password that were emailed to you when you registered with Corlit Cloud Services. Click the 'Next Button'.

12. The connection to the Corlit Cloud Server is now configured if your screen shows a similar result as listed below. If your Owncloud Software did not connect successfully, recheck the Owncloud-URL was entered correctly per Step 10, as well as your OwnCloud Username and Password per Step 11. Also check your computer is connected to the internet. If connection to the Corlit Cloud Services Server was successful, click the 'Finish Button'.

13. At this stage, your OwnCloud Software has been installed and connected to Corlit Cloud Services, but no photos, documents or files have been configured to upload to the Corlit Cloud Server. To add picture, document or data folders for automatic upload, right click on the OwnCloud icon in the system tray and select 'Add Folder...' and follow the screens for your required folders.

Use of Corlit Cloud Services requires a functional internet connection paid for at the expense of the user. Uploading, downloading and syncronising user data will incur additional data traffic on the users internet connection. The user should regularly check their internet traffic usage with their internet service provider to ensure their usage is not exceeding their existing usage plan. Provision of free data storage on Corlit Cloud Services does not negate the users responsibility to ensure the user is maintaing data usage within the boundaries of their internet plan with their internet service provider, nor does provision of free data storage with Corlit Cloud Services incur any liability upon Corlit Systems to pay the users plan charges or data charges with their internet service provider.